August '17 Update

Details of upcoming club meetings and events.
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August '17 Update

Postby hmmsadmin » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:55 pm

This has been an extremely difficult week for many, and Houstonians have a long recovery road ahead of us. The road conditions and water levels are varied greatly across the city, but the Corner Bakery we are scheduled to meet on Saturday morning is open. Some have asked if we will cancel the meeting for this week, but for many, continuing with a routine and having a chance for a break is also important. So, with that in mind, we have decided to hold our meeting, as usual, this Saturday. However, we recognize that for some people, they will not be able to make the meeting, and as things clear, we can look at additional events.

In discussion with the Austin and San Antonio groups, we have decided to cancel the drive next Sunday (9/10) as Columbus has also had significant flooding and there will not be time to scout what roads are still in passable condition - we hope to re-schedule that eventually.

I would also like to compile a list of HMMSers who need some assistance at this time. Please let us know if know if you could use help (physical help moving things, supplies, place to stay, etc.). If you are not comfortable commenting below, please e-mail us at One of the things I would like to discuss at the meeting on Saturday is how we can help each other and any other volunteer/donation opportunities that people know of. There are many resources out there, and I know many of you have been actively helping where you can, but this is a marathon that will need help for much longer than just these couple of weeks.

Keeping everyone in our thoughts!!!

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